Traversing the reoad less traveled has always been part of the Serengeti® experience. The same unrelenting spirit of discovery that drives our lens technology also extends to the locations where we test it.

This year, we chose the Mani Peninsula in Southern Greece, exploring the roadways that once served Ancient Sparta, as we made our way through a rugged and awe-inspiring landscape little changed since Thucydides first chronicled it in the 5th century BC.


From remote mountain passes to spectacular seaside highways, the peninsula's landscape is constantly changing, as is the sublime Mediterranean light. It's the ideal setting for experiencing advanced photochromic technology - and the unparalleled versatility of the world's finest driving sunglass.


On the road from Kalamata to Sparta you'll encounter Langada Gorge. Winding your way along the treacherous roads, you'll come to understand why Sparta was so hard for ancient invaders to conquer.


The ancient ruins of Vatheia, standing guard 200 meters above the glistening Ionian Sea. Today, only a handful of residents live in the town center.