Superior Vision Demands Superior Optics

Grinding with diamond wheels. Microscopically infusing technology. If there’s a way to make lenses more advanced, we find it. Whether you’re wearing Ultra-Light glass or award-winning Polar PhD™ lenses in one of our five signature colors, you’ll experience the stunning visual acuity and optical superiority that are the distinguishing hallmarks of Serengeti.®

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The very essence of what it means to be cosmopolitan, the Bella’s refined looks will complement any style while captivating those who catch a glimpse of it.

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The Flex Series

Combining a nylon frame front with a wire-flex temple, the Empoli represents the very latest in our Flex Series. Strikingly stylish and incredibly comfortable, it’s everything you’d ever need for the journey ahead.

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The All-New Limited Edition Collection

Our new LE collection features stunning, hand-finished crystals in the temples of the Bella and Chloe, while the Volterra and San Remo offer the brilliance of 22K gold-plated frames, along with a matching gold lens treatment.

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The Journey

Traversing the road less traveled has always been part of the Serengeti® experience. The same unrelenting spirit of discovery that drives our lens technology also extends to the locations where we test it.