"Expectation will likely disappoint, but the unexpected will always deliver"

Any plan is a trap you set for yourself. Expectation will likely disappoint, but the unexpected will always deliver. Doubt cannot catch you if you make it out the door fast enough – close the distance between thought and action and leave no room for it. Find sleep when the sun is down, not when it is up… under the stars or under a bridge, it will not matter the next morning. Stay hungry and your next meal will be the best you’ve ever tasted.

"Seek the unfamiliar and the chance encounter"

Seek the unfamiliar and the chance encounter. You have many friends yet to meet, but you will not find them among those you already know. Go further, it’s only one more step. You will regret it if you don’t.

"the road rewards the lightest of its guests"

If part of you is stuck, leave it there and keep going – the road rewards the lightest of its guests. Avoid crowds, they gather to see what has already been found. They will be on your heels soon enough. Consult a map once you are home… It is much more rewarding to see how far you’ve come rather than how far you have yet to go. Setbacks are a launching pad – embrace them. Dead ends are a new beginning – keep moving. What is there to lose? You will spend the money regardless, and the time passes either way? Stop doubting – stop doubting – stop doubting yourself. Anything can happen if you just let go.

Todd Blubaugh was born and raised in McPherson, Kansas. His earliest interests were in art and motorbikes and since the age of 12, Todd has been pursuing these two passions. He currently works in film, writes, shoots, and pursues collaborations with his roommates at The Chun, a motorcycle warehouse and art space in Los Angeles. The free-spirit artist shares his passion for open roads through aspirational imagery and poetic travel notes that resonate with Serengeti’s DNA.

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