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Key Features

Base Curve 8
Lens Category 3 to 3
Size 62x18x131
Fit Medium
Made in Italy
Ref 8810


PhD 2.0
  • Photochromic
  • Polarized
  • Spectral Control


Matte Black
It’s a wrap ! Latest model of the Serengeti® Sport Nylon collection, BERGAMO offers an optimal coverage thanks to its base 8 shape and large temples. A subtle play on materials and textures gives this sporty model a lifestyle feel that makes it perfect for active and relaxed activities alike.


Category 3 to 3.

Very bright light conditions.
Ideal for Boating and Mountain activities.
Available in polarized ultra-light mineral lenses.

Absorbs 84% to 90% of the visible light.
Blocks 91% to 94% of the blue light.

The stylish silver-flash bi-mirror on this variation of the Sedona provides your eyes with ample protection on top, and below, producing beautiful clarity in the middle. This increased protection allows you to see details when looking close-up, making these lenses aesthetically pleasing and functional. Blocks glare from above (sun) and below (water).