by @Thismintymoment

On the occasion of the International colour day, happening on March 21st, Serengeti invited the Los Angeles native photographer and creative designer Minh T to interpretate its creative vision after having discovered our unique colored mineral lenses. 


How would you describe your work in 3 words?


Graphic, Modern and Emotive


How color is important to you in your daily work?


It strikes such a deep chord and has deep association with emotion. I am drawn to colors in my work more and more each day.


What has been your main inspiration to create these visuals ? 


Surrealist and Abstract Expressionist work such as Kandinsky's inspired this series. Colors are felt through light and geometric shapes - evoking a feeling of a modernist fantasy.


How do you Chase the Light in your daily life ? 


In my work, I’m constantly looking for hidden beauty in the everyday. It’s the excitement of discovering something unbeknownst to other, that is perfect when you give it a second glance, and seeing it from a new perspective.

What are your top 3 Serengeti models ?

Hard to choose but my favorites are:

Foyt – An Iconic style that will never go out of style

Agostino - An aviator that comes with a huge dose of attitude

Amboy – A classic fun shape for casual days




A continuous visual narrative runs through Minh T’s images, inspired by architecture, nature and geometry; they are thought provoking and romantic, as if each image is part of a prevailing fairytale. with a background in graphic design and architecture, his work nevertheless eschews an overly technical approach and instead runs with feeling, fantasy and emotion.

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